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About Me

I am Andreas Mattiza, a creative mind and experienced professional with profound expertise in digitalisation, process optimisation and management consulting.

Over the course of my career, I have founded successful companies and now dedicate myself to the design and development of customised software applications. My extensive experience makes me a pioneer in the fast-growing AI technology market, developing innovative solutions that drive organisations forward.

Explore the intersection of technology and efficiency with me. I am a visionary entrepreneur who is shaping the future of digital transformation for your organisation.


1997 - 2001

Mattiza Promotion Service

Founder & CEO

I started my career at the age of 17 as a small business owner in advertising, marketing, design and promotion and have been passionate about helping businesses present their brands in the best possible way. With creative marketing design solutions and effective advertising strategies, I have worked to increase the visibility and success of my clients.

1999 - 2011

cands | concepts & solutions GmbH

Founder & CEO

As founder and managing director of concepts & solutions GmbH, founded in 1999, I ran a successful web, design and advertising agency specialising in innovative communication solutions. In my previous role, the focus was on developing customised concepts to meet the individual needs of our clients. Through creative design approaches and effective advertising strategies, we helped to strengthen our clients' brand presence and communicate their messages effectively.


Concepts & solutions GmbH continues to pursue its basic principles of innovation and individualised customer care and is successfully active in this segment.

2011 - 2013

MBG International Premium Brands GmbH

International Brand Manager

In my position as International Brand Manager for the Beer & Beer Mix segment at MBG, my focus was on successfully positioning the Salitos brand in over 40 countries. I was largely responsible for strategic planning, market research and implementation of targeted marketing strategies. In particular, I focussed on the implementation of digital solutions aimed at making results in sales figures and the success of marketing strategies more measurable.


Through the successful implementation of innovative digital marketing campaigns, I helped to introduce the Salitos brand to new markets and increase brand awareness worldwide.

2014 - 2018

mySPOT marketing GmbH

Founder & CEO

As the founder and managing director of mySPOT marketing GmbH, which was founded in 2014, I have developed innovative software and hardware to establish an intelligent WiFi solution with a marketing function on the market. Our hotspots were installed as a mesh network solution in many cities to offer large-scale, free WiFi.


The Germany-wide network was quickly accepted and used by regional financial institutions, which led to rapid success. The mySPOT solution not only enabled the cities to be connected efficiently, but also helped to increase the visibility of the regional banks.


Although my time as Managing Director at mySPOT marketing GmbH has passed, I am pleased to see that the company continues to be successful and make a lasting contribution to the field of intelligent WiFi solutions.


2020 - since now


Founder & CEO

As founder and managing director of CHOOSE Hub UG, founded in 2020, I lead a dedicated team that specialises in creating bespoke websites, stunning brands and cutting-edge apps. We offer streamlined solutions for complex projects and deliver a unique combination of creativity and efficiency.


Our core areas at CHOOSE Hub include Design & Layout, Mobile & Web and AI & Data. We offer creative innovation and aesthetic precision. Our cutting-edge web applications and software development enable a seamless digital user experience, while our data-driven strategies and cutting-edge AI technology ensure the sustainable success of our clients. CHOOSE Hub brings these elements together to create holistic solutions for digital presence and business success.



Innovative design, creative solutions


Business mindset, professional strategies


Latest technologies, web development


Clear concepts, effective presentation


AI and Data strategies, In-depth knowledge


Team synergy, expert leadership

international work

We work with customers all around the world

Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Mauritius