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Customised AI-powered chatbot - trained on your own data

The chatbot at Pro Mauritius serves various use cases to improve user experience and efficiency:

Users can access general information about Pro Mauritius, including services and contact details, as well as insights into focus activities and knowledge base. The chatbot helps with searches by identifying the user's preferences, offering suitable options and providing basic advice. It simplifies the scheduling of appointments by checking the availability of employees, synchronising calendars and sending confirmations. The chatbot also provides basic information on all Pro Mauritius services and answers questions on complex topics in a matter of seconds.


Customer Benefits

In the realm of customer interaction, a AI Chatbot offers a myriad of benefits. Firstly, its unwavering availability stands out, ensuring round-the-clock online presence. The application is truly barrier-free, catering to a diverse audience with support for over 50 languages. The immediacy of feedback is remarkable, as the bot adeptly addresses even complex queries within seconds.

Moreover, it streamlines customer support by efficiently providing quick solutions to frequently asked questions. What adds a personalized touch is its ability to furnish tailored responses, offering recommendations and information based on individual customer behavior. The amalgamation of these advantages paints a compelling picture of the prowess a AI Chatbot brings to customer interactions.

Pro Mauritius Benefits

By integrating a AI Chatbot, Pro Mauritius gains a competitive edge through enhanced customer insights. The bot's automated data analysis not only collects user data but also transforms it into actionable insights, enabling Pro Mauritius to tailor its services with a precision that resonates with individual preferences, ultimately elevating the overall customer experience.

In addition to the strategic advantage in understanding customer needs, the AI Chatbot contributes to financial prudence by optimizing operational costs. The reduction in dependence on human support not only streamlines processes but also positions Pro Mauritius for sustainable growth, allowing for effective resource. allocation and operational efficiency.



Quick and easy integration of the chatbot on any website as an iFrame or in HTML


Your Own chatbot channel possible for Telegram, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger or Google Chat


Integration of the chatbot in your own app via the API provided

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