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AI-based video translation into different languages

With the help of AI, existing video material can be efficiently translated into different languages. This innovative technology not only enables the rapid transformation of content, but also offers a wide range of benefits. By using AI translation technologies, companies and content creators can reach their target groups worldwide without having to carry out time-consuming manual translations.

The benefits are not only time savings, but also cost efficiency. AI translations allow content to be quickly scaled and adapted for different language markets without incurring high translation costs. In addition, the precise nature of AI translations ensures a consistent message and high quality, which helps to increase viewer satisfaction.

The application of AI in video translation thus opens up new horizons for global content distribution as it combines flexibility, efficiency and cost-effectiveness to enable seamless communication in different languages.

English to French


50+ Languages

Supporting 50 different languages, this feature enables broad global reach and communication

Own Voice

Utilizing the individual's own voice for the audio adds a personal touch, enhancing the authenticity of the content

Lip Sync

Lip synchronization ensures that the presentation aligns perfectly with the spoken language, creating an immersive viewing experience

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