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AI-generated marketing videos in different languages for mid-priced properties

Our AI-driven solution swiftly creates multilingual marketing videos for property advertising. Customize the AI avatar by choosing from 20 personalities or creating one based on your employee's video recording. Tailor the voice to your audience, selecting an AI voice for various languages or a personalized voice clone from real recordings.

Supporting almost 50 languages for voice-over, our platform ensures global engagement. Integrating image files and property videos enhances visual appeal. We offer flexibility in creating a visual brand template aligned with your specifications and corporate identity for consistent branding, reinforcing trust.

In essence, our technology delivers efficient marketing video production with creative control over avatars, voices, languages, and visual branding for impactful multilingual property campaigns.




20+ AI Avatars

Choose from 20 different AI avatars or use the option to digitise your employees to give the content more authenticity

Selectable Voice

Use one of many AI voices or create a voice clone of your desired speaker to become even more realistic

50+ Languages

Supporting 50 different languages, this feature enables broad global reach and communication

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